McCain camp loses focus

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Sep 18, 2008.

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    ... and is overplaying the negative game.

    For the financials, they should be pointing out that McCain wanted to change the oversight of MAe and Mac. Then point out the effect of soft qualifications for lending and name names of those who blocked his effort.

    Even those who screwed themselves into mortgage forfeit would welcome a chance to blame someone else... if it's the government policies that lent them the money in the first place, that's fair game.

    On energy: point out need for transitional policies opening up drilling, on way to developing alt energy.

    But they probably wont.... they think we cant grasp it. And some cant grasp it, except sub-consciously.... we all have a sense that pulls against whatever emotion and self-developed logic guides our conscious thought process.

    'People are like sheep' will probably prevail.
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    You're absolutely right on all counts ... having said that, when I was mired in an automobile repair shop with 3 hours of non-stop CNN on Monday, I kept hearing over and over that while there's a 20% gap between parties in the Democrat's favor when the question is asked, "Which party do you trust most to improve the economy," when the question is asked "Which presidential candidate do you trust most to improve the economy" the gap is almost non-existant.

    In other words, McCain's negative advertising is working in that it's casting doubt on Obama's fitness to lead. Why would the RNC choose to change that strategy? Additionally, Karl Rove's latest strategic genius put the blame on both candidates for running negative ads as soon as Obama's first hit the air. This allows every pundit to deplore negative ads in general while simultaneously pointing fingers at Obama for breaking his pledge.

    Despite the worst performance by any administration in recent memory in foreign affairs and the economy haning around the Republicans' necks, and despite the Republican candidates determination to continue with an incredibly unpopular war, McCain/Palin are running even with Obama/Biden.

    I ask again: Why would the RNC want to change anything they're doing?
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