Maurice and LeBron... just one small step apart.

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    They came from the same places at the same time, they knew each other. But what a difference in how they ended up.

    Both extremely gifted physically, and athletically. Both smart, to go along with it.

    Both received extreme national attention. And advice from all quarters in how to deal with their gifts and talents.

    Both accused of relatively small transgressions as they progressed into the national spotlight.

    Whoever advised LeBron.. more importantly, the advice he TOOK... made the difference!

    Note that Jim Brown advised Maurice..... or rather the sum of that advice ENABLED Maurice. Because he ONLY took the part of the Legend's advice that suited him.

    Which is: Maurice had to deal with 'the MAN!' And the MAN was out to get him!

    LeBron no doubt got the same advice. But hasnt he dealt with it differently?

    Now we have Maurice wanted on a warrant for armed robbery, instead of looking forward to a breakout season as a Broncos running back.

    And LeBron practically owning the Cav's franchise.
    We can't know whether LeBron will finally succumb to the entitlement mentality that humbled the previous HS to Pro phenom, Kobi Bryant... who also started out well, but was brought down by 'the MAN'.

    But now we know that Maurice isnt even going to get the chance... because he started out worrying about 'the MAN' rather than getting his own ducks lined up.

    Which is a difference of just 'one small step or decision'.

    And defines the meaning of the word 'entitlement'... or can we say "ENABLING", to say nothing of the exact identity of 'the MAN'!
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