Kick out the away fans..

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by martintheveg, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. martintheveg

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    Apr 15, 2006
    ..from the Putney end i mean. This was debated on the tiff board a while back with some interesting posts and suggestions, i bring this up after just reading the following extract from one of the freeby weekly newspapers here in South East London/North Kent.
    The headline is - Addicks boss urges Valley revamp.( ).
    Charlton manager Alan Pardew has revealed he will be asking Addicks chief executive Peter Varney to move away fans from the Jimmy Seed Stand and make it a home end. Visiting supporters have sat behind the goal since the club`s historic return to SE7 in 1992, but Pardew claims it is time to reassess where they are put because he fears it gives opposing sides a psychological advantage.
    He said: " I have a bit of an issue about that end and i will be having discussions with the chief executive later this year because i don`t think away fans should be behind the goal."
    " I don`t think it is an advantage for us . I would put them on the side and want to convince the Valley faithful sitting behind that goal would be good for us and for them."
    So, what do you guys think ?.
    Put them in the Riverside ?.
    Could we fill both ends with home fans ?.
  2. SoCalJoe

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    Sep 5, 2006
    Walnut, CA
    Interesting thread Martin and its impossible to answer for someone like myself who has never had the honor of ever walking through the turnstiles at the Cottage. I'm curious to hear the answer to your own question from season ticket holders like yourself.

    As a Yank, the away fans (whatever the sport) are limited in numbers and are usually tucked away in the worst seats in the house, so when I first started watching the Premiership it took at little while getting used to seeing away fans behind one of the goals. Whenever I watched a game w/out a rooting interest I liked seeing fans from both sides (added to the drama), but when watching FFC play to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing the away fans being stuck in a corner.

    Right now I'm not sure if there is enough of a fan base (that could afford/attend all the matches) to regularly sell out both ends (again you could better answer that question).
  3. martintheveg

    martintheveg New Member

    Apr 15, 2006
    Thanks SoCalJoe, as i said the debate was interesting on tiff. At that time i posted that i would quite happily move from the Hammy and that i thought that the Putney end should be our home end. The reason for this is mostly because of autistics, the sound from the Putney end is louder and the general feeling seems to be that if you are sitting in the Putney end then you will be lucky to even hear the Hammy end even though they could be singing or chanting their heads off.
    Even more interesting, for me anyway is you saying about often having away fans stuck in some outpost corner, similar to us at Newcasle for example where you feel unwanted, cannot hardly see the ball and as the game progresses feel anger at being so remote, this is still the case at lots of grounds and it would seem Pardew thinks the same.
    There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that we give opposing fans too much respect here and i would like them in the Riverside and our own in the Putney the same as his suggestion, for the same reasons.
    Unfortunately us being smaller in support than many other Prem. clubs means we probably have no choice but if we can stay up and our fan base continues to grow i`m sure we could manage this later on down the line.
    Sorry! to hear you have not yet visited our beloved Cottage, i hope you can manage it very soon, for now you will have to keep saving your cash until that magical time arrives, thanks for replying Joe,
    best wishes,
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