Kevin Bacon & the Recovery Plan

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    we've heard the verbiage on how reforming healthcare will be key to the economic recovery. Many wonder how that would work. And where these 'trillion dollar savings' from that plan come from?

    Well, after reading some ancillary stuff the 'savings' answer still isnt there. But we get a glimmer as to who benefits.

    It starts with Tom Daschle, who was too crooked to pass muster for a cabinet post, writing a book on how to manage healthcare reform.

    Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis

    Here's some points I cribbed from a blog site:
    BTW: anyone remember the recent proposal to tax Employer Provided HC benefits?

    Hey.. havent we already gone through that with HMO's?

    To be sure: Caring for my father, the thing that stuck out was the many procedures and tests that determined.. well, that he was old.

    Umm yep, that happens. But it's misleading. The docs dont FORCE the surgeries, they are elective. At first my dad elected, he got several more active years, at the end he didnt.

    So now we know that Daschle has proposed a brave new world of health care, implement in stealth steps. But he's out of the picture.. right?

    Let's jump to General Electric corp's CEO: {You also know them as the owner of MSNBC, btw}
    In other recent GE news,
    and almost simultaneously:
    And who is a leading light on that startup's advisory board?

    You guessed it.. Tom Daschle.
    No word yet on where Kevin Bacon figures in, of course.
    That's called a tease, despite he's doubtless within six degrees of Immelt and Daschle. Only Don would make much of that.


    also:Health Care Corporatism Arrives
    Consumers will pay the price if government partners with the health care industry
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