Jozy Altidore vs. Stefano Okaka

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    Dec 7, 2009 has a great article charting the progress of Stefano Okaka. Please check it out. It breaks down Okaka's participation this year for Roma. It also mentions at the very end his desire that Fulham should have gone after Jozy Altidore when he was available over the summer.

    I know he is currently with Hull and has not scored a goal. Trust me, Jozy can play and score goals which he has done on an international level. Last year in the Confederations Cup he played against the likes of Italy, Spain, and Brazil. He more than held his own in these games. He does not have the greatest first touch in the world, but he is big and physical. I could see him in a few years being on the level of Bobby Zamora. He would have been great with Fulham. He already has great experience with Clint Dempsey on Team USA.

    In regards to Jozy Altidore or Stefano Okaka it is tough to judge which player could be the best fit for Fulham. I don't know enough about Okaka to make a judgement. I do have faith in Roy that if he is interested the kid must have serious talent. I hope he does come on loan. Unfortunately, I think Fulham missed the boat on Altidore. Maybe after this summer's World Cup the world will see that he can really play. At that point it will definitely be too late for Fulham.
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    Don't watch Serie A at all, so don't have an eduated opinion on Okaka. Jozy would have benefitted from training at Motspur every day. Roy has a knack of developing players. I'm a little concerned (mostly from his being late to a game) about what kind of attitude and determination Jozy is bringing to training field along with what kind of coaching he is receiving.

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