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    Tuned in to watch USMNT v. TNT match yesterday, and figured I'd be able to compare y'all's comments to what I viewed. So much for that.

    I can't figure out the reason for this international. TNT hadn't played in 18 months or so, and their league has been shut down for COVID. What good the match did for EITHER side is hard to determine.

    I haven't watched MLS since Deuce retired [and San Antonio got passed over AGAIN for a franchise], so I only was familiar with four of the starters and one bench bound person. The match had all the competition of a fair high-school team against 11 tackling dummies. The highlight was one of our guys getting 3 assists and two goals in roughly 60 minutes. 7-0 -- wheeeeeee.

    I hope nobody was injured from this fiasco. It would have been more competitive for USMNT to have played against a California semi-pro side.

    Anybody else watch?
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  2. BarryWhite

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    Pretty good summary Don. The match was originally scheduled against Serbia and that fell apart. TNT stepped in at the request of their new manager just to get in a match sort of like a local fighter who steps in when a scheduled boxer gets injured late.

    Not too much to be learned from the match other than the patterns of play and movement was good. 6 of the 11 starters were Olympic age eligible which if qualifiers are played I think they are scheduled to start in late March/early April. This camp was more about the U23’s than the vets in my opinion.
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    Barry is correct. TTFA accepted the match on short notice after European restrictions forced Serbia to cancel. The January camp and matches never reveal too much and largely (IMO) just help build the player pool.
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