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    Anyone else watch this 2 part series NBC aired on Premier League Download? Pretty remarkable story with plenty of parallels to Fulham and, while there are many things to take from it, there were two that struck me. First, you really need to have a clear style of football with a clear plan. Not so much predictable, but in watching your team play you should know what they're trying to accomplish and how. Been a while since I've felt that from Fulham.

    Second, in Roberto Martinez & Gary Monk, Swans have twice appointed former players as Manager straight after their playing days concluded. Perhaps the Danny Murphy idea wouldn't have been/isn't such a bad one. I'd been lukewarm on the idea of appointing someone inexperienced in the actual role, but watching this has softened my thoughts on it. I'm pretty sure he'd bring a clear identity and style of play. Hopefully things will turn around under Kit somehow and it will be a moot point.

    Anyway, it was an interesting little documentary and a good watch for any football fan. Think it's available through iTunes if you missed it.
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    I saw about half of the 1st part last weekend. I need to watch the 2nd part if possible. Very interesting story and reminds me a little bit of Fulham's rise from the lower leagues.
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    Saw a short bit of it last weekend as well. Hope to catch all of it soon. Intriguing.
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