Insiders at Fulham speak out about Sanchez

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    Just thought I would give a few links that Rich and I have posted at CCN and that Chopper over at Hammy End Chronicles has posted as well. I guess, just in case you haven't been keeping up with the English media during this holiday period.

    Evidently things were not going at all well between Sanchez at his players.

    Quotes: ... 085122.ece

    "Players were told that it was a waste of time passing the ball backwards or sideways and the emphasis was put on hitting the channels and crossing the ball early in training sessions"

    “Sanchez was a nice guy but his methods did not suit the players,” another source at the club said. “The players would enjoy working under John Collins. He is intelligent, he has a lot of self-belief and he played for Arsène Wenger at Monaco ... 157902.stm

    "I am realistic enough to know they will probably look outside, and I am OK with that. If that is the case I will just get on with my job."??Lewington believes that with the addition of one or two players in January - he identified a lack of ball-winners as one problem - Fulham have the makings of a "decent little side".??"It is a difficult task but I am absolutely confident we will survive. I have got no doubt about that, whoever the manager is."

    Ray Lewington

    "I am happy with the manager we have right now," ??"I like Ray and Billy; they give us more freedom to express ourselves as players; I enjoy that.??"I think we showed a better style of play and I think you could hear the response from the fans, even if they were frustrated we didn't get the win, as the players were.??"I like the style of keeping possession more, not playing so direct, and trying to create chances instead of trying to jump the ball in.??"That is just what I think personally, I can't speak for the team, but I think the fans showed they agreed by the way they got behind us."

    Clint Dempsey ... 55,00.html

    The former Northern Ireland manager was ready to offer his resignation in the aftermath of last weekend's 1-0 home defeat to Newcastle United, but was persuaded not to by advisers. He then spent most of last week awaiting dismissal until being asked to step down on Thursday night.

    Although Sanchez moved out many of predecessor Chris Coleman's playing staff, replacing several of them with members of the Northern Ireland squad, he was unpopular in the Craven Cottage dressing room. He frequently criticized the players' attitude and is understood to have launched into an expletive-laden assault on the team at half time of the Newcastle game, accusing them of wanting to get him the sack.
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    Well, to be fair, that first half against Newcastle was shitty.
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    RE: Re: Insiders at Fulham speak out about Sanchez

    Your right jmh, they did play poorly. I just don't think screaming at players and making it about yourself rather than the table, pride in team, pride in self or for each other is the way to go. It wasn't about Lawrie. It was about the squad.

    I think one of the things people need to do, is understand that footballing is a job. These are guys getting payed a lot of money to produce on the field. For any number of reasons that doesn't always happen. But were sort of used to the old bravado that coaches/managers threw at us as youth players. Yell at your players and you'll get more out of them. Well, quite frankly that doesn't work in the professional ranks. (In my opinion.) Recently there was an article in SI about how few college coaches have made it in the NFL. Primarily for that same reason. It's a different set of motivational factors.

    Pro's don't motivate the same way that youth players do. The players may well have been playing crappy to get him canned. Who really knows? But yelling at players as motivation doesn't really work anymore.

    I always equate it to my work and say, if someone came and yelled at me to do a better job would I do a better job? Hell no! But if someone was to intelligently lead me onto a new and different way to do things. If he worked hard himself and encouraged me, I am far more likely to do my best for him.

    There is no difference in football. You can't manage a team, you can only lead a team. As much as I appreciated Sanchez's intelligence, and he is a very smart man, he was trying to coerce and manage players instead of leading players.
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    RE: Re: Insiders at Fulham speak out about Sanchez

    bq I dont think there is any difference between pro players or youth players. Motivation and inspiration are always the preferred techniques. Maybe pro players are less phased by yelling than youth players but in either group the best technique is to lead, motivate, and inspire. How about Brian McBride as manager/player for Fulham.

    BTW bq, thanks for the links regarding the firing of Sanchez. Very interesting reading.
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