If Only Nixon had the Internet...

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    Today's my day off this week.. time for some self-indulgent Dark humor:
    Politico.. not exactly yer Right Wing hate site:
    Obama’s data advantage

    Hey, Look!.. Over there.. it's NIXON!!!

    Woodward and Bernstein just happen to have picked this time to dig up Tricky Dick's moldering corpse... {bet he's even uglier, now!}

    Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought

    So.. what's the connection, you ask?

    The older case was clearly an outrageous Felony...
    The current one should be.
    After all, the intent and purpose was the same.. > Data Mining <. Except Nixon's was far more focused.. on fellow 'Hard Ball' players.

    And nobody got killed as a result.. compared to that equally brilliant 'Fast and Furious' covert op

    Oh.. but I got diverted by the cover-up angle.
    so.. what's the problem, you ask? Of course it could be just to focus campaign mailings to effect proper target demographics.. every org does that in the age of Google!

    Well, maybe.. but I have a feeling there was a limited, local test run, within the last month.

    Of course, they'll have to try harder to refine the message; otherwise it's gonna blow up in their faces. And the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal will even be interested in it. Unlike the Walker-Barnett case.
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