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    How often have we heard this out of the MSM? Well, way back in 1946, to be precise!
    Read it and THINK..

    Add to that, if you want to note something telling... more than 1000 US servicemen and civilian contractors die in Germany, most from fragmented hold-outs, in year immediately following end of war.

    -About John Dos Pasos
    IOW: he was the typical 'creative', his views ran with a passion, and he tended to see no middle ground. "Libertarian" was not in his vernacular.

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    Further thinking points:

    10,000 allied casuaties on D-Day, alone... what if CNN were covering it 'live'.... Or Fox, for that matter?

    Imagine Geraldo standing in the shelter of the cliffs, ducking and bleating about the carnage.

    Remember how GREAT his coverage in New Orleans? His talk of 'stacked bodies' and rapes and murders in the Superdome?
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