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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by HatterDon, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. HatterDon

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    Mar 18, 2006
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    This article sums up what the president hopes people will remember in terms of his legacy.

    All of this was done with very little fanfare, and he deserves recognition for what he has accomplished in Africa in our name.
  2. Clevelandmo

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    Sep 13, 2007
    Considering how much you dislike him, Don, it is very nice to see this post.

    Two other things that can be added are that his administration has protected our oceans more than any other and offered more assistance for wetlands restoration. The latter, by the way, was prior to hurricane Katrina. To this date I'm not sure New Orleans has taken advantage of this.
  3. Lyle

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    Jan 21, 2007
    I think the long term consequences of invading both Afghanistan and Iraq will ultimately be very positive. At some point, people will thank GWB and the United States for liberating those two countries from a woefully backwards form of authoritarianism.

    I also thinks GWB's lack of movement of Kyoto and climate change will, in hindsight, be viewed as smart and prescient, rather than backwards as it is today.
  4. Bradical

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Hey, he has nowhere to go but up.
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