GW: FreakOut Time?

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Arctic Sea Ice is still growing!!!!!

    One month after normal start of decline.

    It's something in the Ocean currents, folks. And no, the Gulf Stream current has not changed. And does sorta tie-in {jet stream} with our recent weird weather, IMO.

    Dont worry though... the wonks will find a way to blame it on Carbon use.
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    BTW: Here's a cool site to play with
    Interactive Graphic that portrays the projected changes in March Freeze zonesin US, from this decade through the nineties, you can adjust by best case and worst case.
    Of course they use the data modeling that has already been proved to be ..ahem.. fudged a tad bit.
    And look what happens when a REAL Scientist instead of a purpose hired PR flack looks at thetemp data leading up to that 'model'.

    required restate of caveat:
    Yes, the Climate is Changing. No, CO2 has very little to do with it. and NNNNOOOO WAY reducing CO2 is going to affect it, overall.
    Makes for a real handy tax excuse, though.

    And for those of you who consider me 'annoying' when I use my common sense; they also have this on the efficacy of corn ethanol as a fuel.
    I invite you who understand the search tool to look for posts on ethanol by myself several years ago.
    Note that ethanol is 90% efficient as a fuel, so net gain is only 10% on its face.. BUT this does not account for other costs in production OR increased costs of food, resulting.
    - You who are recursion math whizzes might find an even worse outcome. Guarantee it wont be better.

    Therefore ethanol's a net LOSS in productivity .. except for various corporations politicians and lobbyists extent.
    Just as I said then, it is now.
    - Bright side: Less High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sorry, I'm not usually one of those people who see a conspiracy in that kinda thing but I DONT believe a calorie's just a calorie.

    And btw, ...Reminding you - AGAIN- that there ARE NO 'trash crops' or grasses to create Ethanol. All have a cost based on loss for other uses. If nothing more than fertilizer/soil stabilizer or livestock bedding.

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