Great Minds Think A Like: Capello and Hodgson

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    I am starting to think that Emile Heskey (and his current role in the England side) represents a black hole in supporter understanding of football. We see a big number 9 who doesn't score, we expect a number 9 to score, we scoff. "If only we had a big Alan Shearer type up there - then we'd be even better!" But for one thing we never did that well with Shearer, and for another it's quite hard to imagine an England team being significantly better than it is as of now. Can England really be doing this in spite of Emile Heskey?

    Over in Fulham we have had ample opportunity to discuss this issue. We have a sort of Diet Heskey in Bobby Zamora, a player who (until this season) wears that 9 shirt with pride and scores goals as regularly as Jamie Redknapp says anything interesting. The fans get confused over Zamora: some love his hard working contribution to a decent side; others are insulted by his presence on the pitch.
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    "Diet Heskey" -- love it; love it.
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