GOP Losing the New-Media War

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Does McCain make more gaffes and more serious gaffes than Obama? No.. but that isnt the point. Katie Couric herself has enough ammo to torpedo Obama, and I'm betting she now has real doubts after interviewing him several times on the middle eastern trip. Will we hear them? Dont bet on it. And no one watches CBS news anyway. As that article points out, it's HuffPo and the other lefty Obama sites that count.

    My brother has a favorite saying: "It is what it is!"

    Applies perfectly.... Someone is going to have to prove Barack blends LIVE puppies for him to get enough negatives to lose.
  2. terry1lj

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    It doesn't help that in the same week Obama is speaking to 200,000 people in Berlin and visiting the middle east at the begging of the GOP, John McCain has a press conference at a German Restaurant and in the dairy aisle of a supermarket.
  3. Hard_Drinkin'_Lincoln

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    Sometimes you need to lose to learn how to win again. A McCain defeat would lead to a changing of the guard and a younger and more radical leadership group similar to the Republicans who came along in the post-Watergate years. You know there is a need for evolution when 43-44% of your own party are only voting for McCain as a "lesser of two evils" candidate.

    There is a lot of dead weight in the GOP right now. What the party needs are more Coburns and fewer Ted Stevens-types. A McCain win will just stall the necessary changes and keep the doddering old dolts in charge.

    An Obama win provides the impetus for massive change in the GOP leadership and puts the onus squarely on the Democrats to actually produce policies to match their rhetoric. If it is Carter II, then the Republicans will be well-placed to dominate the elections in '10 and '12. If Obama is the second-coming of FDR, then you just got to hope for an Eisenhower lurking somewhere on the horizon.
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