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    It came, it went... it was a nice little platform.

    While the summit of the successful was marred by the terror events, it didnt allow the attacks to hamper the desire to inch forward in progress to make some sense out of Africa.

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0, ... 50,00.html

    Matthew Parris:
    I am sure the G8 protestors would howl at the last riposte, but never mind, it is THAT socialist/commune concept that is behind much of the problem.

    And it is why such idealistic endeavor fails even at the lowest level.

    They cant even get a pump, though they are cheap enough.... because, as soon as one or two make the effort, and the village benefits from the clean water from the protected well... there will be some more politically adept individual or clique stepping forward to "oversee" and make sure that "the people are not exploited" by this little capitalist.

    So... far better to make do with what you have... and avoid bitterness and division resulting from someone "changing things". Or wait on some foreign do-gooder to give it to us.

    Of course, then, someone local must keep it working, and wouldnt that give them over-much influence? Cant have that... and the tribal elders are all thumbs at mechanics.

    So the problem is NOT just the King Poobah's graft and stolen AID money being semi-laundered by the debt relief..."How can you say I stole it, when the Country doesnt owe it?!!!"; It is the mindset fostered by collectivism, that all have been, are and will be treated equal... and if things DONT turn out that way, SOMEONE is 'cheating'!

    You only need look to Zimbabwe to see the effect. Rich productive lands growing nothing... not so much because of incompetence of the poor who were gifted the stolen land by Mugabe... but because of jealousy and sense of entitlement {"When is my tractor coming?"} and ABOVE ALL not wanting to appear 'uppity to my friends'.

    But there IS something for him to do.. to pass the time, he can go before the agency set up to administer this 'Great Leap Forward' {while putting Mugabe lackeys on a payroll} and give them another agenda item to discuss.

    Sorta like a "little UN!" which brings me to Part II -later-
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