Funny things during the Blue Poo -- al-Citeh game

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  1. SteveM19

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    Sep 30, 2007
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    The color announcer, Ekan Ekoku (I think I got that right), made reference to the fact that when Carlo Ancelotti is angry or riled up in the dressing room, he starts going on and cursing in Italian. He said when he played in Switzerland, he had a manager from England who would do the same thing, he could converse in German, but when he got angry he would start cursing in English. Some fellow named Roy Hodgson. :banana:

    The Blue Excrement fans booed Wayne Bridge everytime he touched the ball. You stay classy, CCCFC fans. I 'm dismayed but not surprised.

    The Blue Excrement finished with 9 men :banana: :banana: . Afterwards, Craig Bellamy said something interesting about the Blue Captain -- it got a played up gheadline in Soccernet, but eh just said that he is a great player on the pitch, and everyone knew what he was like off of it, implying that man is a bad man. Even though Bellamy is no angel, he's right. I thought of many endeavors in which I have participated and the fact that there's always someone that you just can't bear to be around because they are cut from the cloth of the blue captain.

    Thinking about that man is a waste of my neurons. Actually, I am sorry I spent this much time on him. Maybe Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should give him a call. They could have a poker night or something. Eldrick Woods could come over too, and they could play spades or something.
  2. jmh

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    Jul 2, 2006
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    Gah, it's a strange strange day when I find myself agreeing with Craig Bellamy.
  3. BarryP

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    The best part of the entire match was Bridge bypassing Terry's offer of a handshake before the start of the match.

    As an aside I have to say I feel a little dirty today because I found myself rooting for Citeh while watching the match. As another aside Carlos Tevez is very good.
  4. SoCalJoe

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    Sep 5, 2006
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    The coverage of the handshake (or lack there of) was pretty funny (the photos of the refs and ballboys staring at their hands were classic), but not as funny as how pathetic Terry looked while holding out is hand only to be blown off (no pun intended). Chelsea fans booing Bridge and leaving early made me smile (utter scumbags, I'm sure the decent Chelsea fans had to be embarrassed). The whole situation has seeped into Terry's play, he's been terrible of late, and clearly it's unhinged him. And seeing the Undead get pounded at home :D
  5. Martin-in-Nashville

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    The strangest thing I find hard to understand is it seems to me all the friends of Terry are standing behind him and making a BIG deal about Bridge being the bad boy, I think Bridge standing down and not wanted to go to the World cup was a brave decision, yet all I read is that Bridge doesn't want to play for England. I'm sure he would LOVE to play for he's country but cant with a scumbag in the same team that's been shagging he's girlfriend. I would have thought if Terry was a real man which I doubt he would have stood down after being told he was losing the captaincy.

    With so little knowledge about Bridges Girlfriend I understand from a good friend of mine who happens to be a Chelsea season ticket holder that "She" has been through the team, not sure how true that is but she sounds just like to type of girl you DON'T want to take home to meet mum. sorry that's Mom to you Americans!!!
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