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    It was difficult to find the enthusiasm to write this post after Don's passing. The trivial pursuit of football has been eclipsed by an event of real meaning. However, it is this forum that allowed us to know Don and we're all better for it. So we'll keep supporting the team he loved just like he'd want us to, but with the knowledge it won't be quite the same as before.

    The past week has reminded me again about how much I appreciate all of you who participate here. And while this recap of May is a little late, I still want to call out last month's sponsor: @jumpkutz !

    Where Fulham Started May:
    45 Points
    10th Place

    May Record: 2W 2L 1D
    10 GF, 8 GA
    Points Per Match: 1.4 (1.4 for the season)

    Where Fulham Ended May:
    52 Points
    10th Place

    After spending two months sliding down the table from 6th place, Fulham finally held steady and finished at a very respectable 10th place. A top half finish was probably the absolute best any of us would have expected from this team back in August.

    May started with a narrow 1-0 loss at Anfield, followed by solid wins against Leicester and Southampton, before drawing with Palace and another narrow loss against Manchester United. While the losses were disappointing, the results merely confirmed Fulham's rightful status as a mid-table team. They beat the teams they should have, drew with mid-table competition, and made it close against the top squads.

    Fulham ended with 52 points, which was just one shy of the record from 2008-2009 (I had incorrectly said before that 52 was the record). Fulham was the most mid-table of all the mid-table teams. No other team is further away in points from the teams above and below them than Fulham. Fulham finished 7 points below Brentford and 7 points above Palace. Fulham is an island between the teams that made a legitimate run for European spots and those that were worried about relegation earlier in the year.

    Fulham's 55 goals for the season was the most Fulham ever scored in the Premier League, 9th best in the league, and almost as many as the past two Premier League seasons combined (61). Meanwhile on the defensive side Fulham gave up 53 goals, 10th best in the league. It also happened to be the exact same number as the last Premier League campaign that ended with relegation confirmed well before the final match. Just a reminder for Scott Parker that you have to score goals too in order to win.

    Fulham's home record of 8W 5D 6L was the 12th best, but their away record of 7W 2D 10L was the 6th best in the league. I'm still surprised with Craven Cottage being noticeably smaller than all other Premier League pitches that Fulham doesn't have more of a home field advantage.

    Over the season, 76% of Fulham's matches ended in a draw or a one goal difference - multi goal wins and losses were relatively rare. Fulham could stay competitive with anyone, but also had trouble getting comfortable wins. Everything always seemed on edge. This will make the summer transfer window interesting since a few changes in the squad could shift Fulham in ways that would change the result of those narrow finishes from this past season. The wrong choices, and Fulham could easily be back in a relegation fight, but a few good additions and Fulham could entertain the idea of European play. It will all be up for grabs again next season.
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    As usual, I've been oblivious. I had no idea about Don. It's awful. So so sorry to hear that.
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