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    Fulham hosts Reading on Wednesday to wrap up the festive fixtures.

    When Fulham faced Reading earlier this year they were in middle of their worst run of form. Reading's 4-1 loss to Fulham was the most goals that they have given up in a match and their worst loss of the season. A quick double yellow had them down to 10 men just 20 minutes in, so Fulham hasn't had to face much of the full Reading squad.

    Reading has recovered since then with three wins in a row and four straight clean sheets - including against the respectable offenses of QPR and Preston. Since facing Fulham on October 1 Reading has earned just as many points as Fulham despite having played one game fewer, so it would be foolish to think that Fulham can expect another big win. Fulham will need to be at their best to get another 3 points.
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    Should be a cracking atmosphere at The Cottage. I’m guessing there will be more Reading fans then there were at their home fixture against us. HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!!!
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    Ohmigosh, what happened? We took more shots, had more shots on goal -- by a bunch -- and still lost 1-2.

    I guess we can all blame the holiday fixture crunch. yeah, that'll work. Next week ... 3rd round of the FA Cup.
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    Short highlights:

    I think "unlucky" gets thrown around too much in soccer, but I feel that Fulham was a bit unlucky today. It was mind-boggling how Fulham didn't get a goal out of that opening salvo. Someone just needed to elevate the ball a little above the goalkeeper. Then Rodak gets undone by a deflection on the first goal.

    There was poor defending from Fulham and I was reminded of a thought from earlier this year that Fulham must have a terrible goal to opponent possession time ratio. Reading didn't need to see the ball much to get results and were happy to let Fulham spend a lot of time passing sideways at midfield.

    Mitrovic got pretty much tackled in the box on one play as he tried to head the ball, but he didn't get a deserved penalty call. I have to wonder if his regular flopping makes officials unlikely to recognize when he actually IS fouled in the box. Mitrovic later got a yellow for simulation. Knockaert made a foolish choice late in the match after he had won a free kick in a dangerous position. Despite getting the call he elbowed a Reading player which then started a minor scuffle, got him a yellow, and most importantly wasted two minutes out of 5 minutes of injury time that was not added back on. Fulham was getting close late on and this just killed the momentum.

    I think that injuries and illness also had a big impact today. For most of the match Fulham had only one first-team midfielder on the pitch - Johansen. Odoi and Christie made the right side weak on defense, which Reading took advantage of twice. I'm unsure why incoming CB Michael Hector wasn't cleared to play, as was GJ, but I think that would have been a big help today. I was also perplexed when Parker went to a back three at 57 minutes and pulled Bryan instead of Christie to bring on Cavaleiro. It is possibly because Bryan was on a yellow for a reckless tackle, but if I wanted to win a match I'd much rather have Joe Bryan out there than Cyrus Christie. Given the team's current condition I wouldn't be surprised if we see a PL2 squad face Aston Villa in the FA Cup on Saturday.
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