Fulham @ They Who Will Not Be Named

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by SteveM19, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. SteveM19

    SteveM19 New Member

    Sep 30, 2007
    Cleveland OH
    Well, we turn right back around to face our friends right up the road.

    Drogba and Kalou will be playing, the Ivory Coast has blessed off on their staying another day -- what about Pantsil, Etuhu, and Dikgachoi. Anelka is out.

    I could give two fucks if they stay or go. We have a defense that can shut them down, look at our performances over the last month. I wonder how Woy will rotate the team, as I am sure he will have to do that to a degree. In the midfield, I think we will be fine as long as we bring our AA game, and offensively, I hope Zamora is up for abother round of tormenting a big name back four, this time one at full strength.

    I'll take a point, and am hoping for the best. I will probably have to miss the game, as I will be in my hometown visiting family, so a big hearty COYW for the day!
  2. FFC24

    FFC24 New Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    Tough game, but I think we win. Chelsea hasn't played that well as of late and we can shut them down. Hangeland should be rested as he didn't look that good against Tottenham and looks injured or something. I think Smalling can handle the pressure of a derby match. I'd like Riise to get some playing time as well as I really want to know how well he can play in premier league games.

    We win 2-1.
  3. jmh

    jmh New Member

    Jul 2, 2006
    Brooklyn, NY
    South Africa didn't qualify, so presumably Dikgacoi will be available of Roy wants him. Paintsil was the featured player in this preview of the Chelsea match on the club website, so perhaps Ghana will let us have him for the match. No definite word on Etuhu that I've seen, but Baird has done such a nice job as a holding midfielder that perhaps his absence (assuming he's not available) isn't such a big deal.
  4. terrinh73

    terrinh73 Member

    Feb 10, 2007
    RE: Re: Fulham @ They Who Will Not Be Named

    I hate Chelsea. That is all...
  5. FulhamAg

    FulhamAg New Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    Teri, looks like you've got your post-match comments covered as well.

    What a gutting loss. If ever you wish you could turn back the clock for 2-3 minutes. I didn't see the own goal to judge, but you've got to hate it for Smalling to have that happen in his first Prem start.

    All things considered, they owned shots and possession and we were fortunate to hold 1-0 so long. And we still had a shot at nicking it but for a great Cech save. Hate to lose that way...and to them...but hopefully the team will put it in the rearview and get back to our recent form.
  6. Russell

    Russell New Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    Tough Loss at Stamford Bridge

    This was a tough loss at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea come from behind to win 2 - 1. Zoltan Gera scored the opening goal in the beginning of the first half. Fulham went into the first half break winning 1 - 0. Even though Fulham were up at the half the team was under constant pressure. Although, the defense played strong and limited the shots from Chelsea.

    The second half was very similar as Fulham was under pressure but the defense was holding up. It took until minute 72 for Didier Drogba to tie the match. Two minutes later Chelsea went up 2 - 1 on an own goal by Chris Smalling. It was a tough way to lose but the team played strong against Chelsea. Poor Chris Smalling seemed to play very well. He gave up an own goal and he will be remembered for that. Please give him a break. He was trying to kick the ball away.

    Again, it is tough to lose but the team especially defensively did their job. This loss doesn't change anything. I still expect Fulham to contend for a Europa League spot!

  7. FFC24

    FFC24 New Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    Sitting back will kill teams and it killed us. Chelsea had everything in the 2nd half and we didn't even attempt to keep possession for even a minute to relieve pressure. A 2nd goal wouldve killed the game and we shouldve went for it.

    The biggest other reason why we lost was because Pantsil left the game with an injury. Baird was at fault on the first goal and Pantsil wouldn't of made the mistake. Pantsil is certainly going to be missed in the next few games.

    Bad result which was made even worse by the fact that we led for so long. Hopefully we crush Swindon.
  8. terrinh73

    terrinh73 Member

    Feb 10, 2007
    I'm going to cry now...
  9. timmyg

    timmyg Well-Known Member

    Nov 20, 2006
    Bad loss, no. Stomach punch, yes.

    Chelsea woke up in the second half and won. Should we surprised by that? No.

    I'm extremely pleased with how well we played, and I would even say Smalling is my MotM.

    And was anyone else like "oh no!" when Gera came off for AJ? How crazy was that.
  10. jmh

    jmh New Member

    Jul 2, 2006
    Brooklyn, NY
    I can't honestly blame Baird too much for the first goal. He seemed to have been in the right place (i.e., between Drogba and the goal), and I thought he timed his jump correctly (though I'd want to see another replay to be able to say so for sure), but the cross was inch perfect and out of his reach. Would Paintsil have gotten it? I don't know, he's shorter than Baird, but has a very good vertical leap. I didn't really think Baird did anything wrong though, it was just a good goal. It happens.

    The second... ugh. As others have said, poor Smalling. No time to react to the ball hitting him off Schwarzer's punch, and he was just slightly too slow to catch up with it on its way in.

    Nice to see AJ back on the field, regardless of how anyone might have felt about the timing or tactics of the substitution.
  11. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Re: Tough Loss at Stamford Bridge

    Got distracted, missed the match. But I suggest that the results reflect the maturity of Fulham's presence in the Prem.

    Coupled with a dismantling of ManUre's subs, the results I think indicate that Chelskum will no longer be 'surprised' as in 'ambushed'.

    And it took an own goal to lose the point?!!!
  12. andypalmer

    andypalmer Active Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Baltimore, MD
    RE: Re: Tough Loss at Stamford Bridge

    Good game by Fulham. Smalling was incredible in the back; nothing he could do about the own goal - Schwarzer hit it off hit knee and he slipped while desperately trying to keep it out of the net. I don't even blame Baird for the first goal - even Roy admitted he lost the ball in the lights; that can happen to anyone.

    If we'd have played like that when we faced them at home, we'd have beaten them... instead of losing 0-3.
  13. CarolinaTim

    CarolinaTim New Member

    Mar 22, 2007
    The Triangle
    RE: Re: Tough Loss at Stamford Bridge

    Dark side: Gutted...CSKA London sucks.
    Bright side: So proud of the boys for the fight and effort they showed. Hold your heads high Fulham.
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