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Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by SteveM19, May 4, 2008.

  1. SCFulhamFan

    SCFulhamFan Active Member

    Aug 5, 2006
    Not sure if this was the same interview I saw, but he (Danny) also commented that he normally doesn't go up for free kicks, but just felt the urge to do so. Wow. Not to mention he was schedule to be subbed off, but they kept him on for the FK. Crazy stuff for sure.
  2. LOBO

    LOBO New Member

    Apr 24, 2008
    Lost Angeles (The 562)

    I can't beleive this miracle became a reality. Looks like the So-Cal boys will be getting together to watch our Whites again next season afterall...

    COYW! YES!
  3. SoCalJoe

    SoCalJoe Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2006
    Walnut, CA
    Thought the same thing Brian, looking forward to getting together already.

    What a amazing day. Always great to host a party in a state of euphoria. The Laker playoff game was on and all I could do was stand by the bbq and talk about staying up w/my daughter's step-grandpa (A Plymouth fan, and who has been telling me for weeks we're going to play them next season, "Only in a cup match now Ken" :D ).

    Thanks to everone for all the links. Haven't gotten any work done whatsoever today, and frankly I don't care at the moment :banana:
  4. timmyg

    timmyg Well-Known Member

    Nov 20, 2006
    i've been under a rock the past five weeks. did i miss something?

    particularly occurring yesterday?
  5. kel#20

    kel#20 New Member

    May 3, 2008
    Altamonte Springs, FL
    Wow, what an awesome mothers day. The Whites won another road game, stay in the league and if that weren't enough I now get to order baby boy his first kit because he took his first steps yesterday and I'm sure he'll be kicking a ball by next month.
    I can't wait until next season, I'm making it a priority for hubby and I to attend one match.
    I still can't believe it, what great momentum to start the next season.
  6. IndyCottager

    IndyCottager New Member

    Dec 17, 2007
    Indianapolis, IN
    What an amazing game! I got to watch it with hundreds of other Fulham supporters in the Golden Lion in London. You all should have seen the place explode when Murphy headed that ball home. Of course I was rocking my McBride jersey all day. I got a lot of crap from Chelsea fans on the tube though before the game. We got our revenge!

  7. Meggrs

    Meggrs New Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    San Francisco
    Not for a second, Mike! Whee! I'm ecstatic. Does this mean I can end my self-imposed exile and actually WATCH games again? I've missed that part, but like I said, I was happy to not see another game this season if it meant staying up. And We Are!!!

    Between HatterDon's McBride jersey, Terri's rosary beads, and Tom's visit to the Cottage, we all made our own kinds of sacrifices, and it's great when they pay off. I can't wait for next season.

  8. jp100

    jp100 New Member

    Feb 4, 2008
    When I joined this group several months ago, I was told that this was going to be a roller coaster ride. That was quite an understatement! What a game! What a season! What a team! I'm used to rooting for hard-luck teams, so to have such a fantastic finish is a bit of a shock. I could get used to this, however. Here's to hoping we sneak into the UEFA Cup as well. Next season can't start soon enough! COYW!!!!!!
  9. MariaK

    MariaK New Member

    May 12, 2008
    I havent been this incredibly happy for a long long long long time! I felt like I was high...I dont know why anyone does drugs anymore!
  10. ChicagoFan

    ChicagoFan New Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    With the team finally fit and coming into form, the end of this season is lot like a couple years ago when Fulham thrashed Norwich on the last day -- you just felt like the season was ending too soon, that you felt like it all ended just when they were on a roll. I remember reading an article in the Telegraph way back then with a lead along the lines of "With the way they're playing, Fulham probably don't want the season to end." I'm feeling the same way again now.

    I'm hopeful, though, as RW said, that they'll keep right on building off this success right through the summer and start off this way next year instead of only finishing like this.

    Honestly, I don't know what I'll do with myself for the next 3 months. :lol:
  11. BarryP

    BarryP New Member

    Jul 20, 2007
    Evansville, Indiana
    I think the season ended just exactly at the right time. My blood pressure needs the three month break 8) !
  12. MisfitKid

    MisfitKid New Member

    Jan 16, 2007
    SF Bay Area
    TK W
    TK A
    TK H
    TK O
    TK O
    TK O
    TK O
    TK O
    TK O
    TK O!!

    SEE, IT'S NEVER OVER!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  13. Fulhamburger

    Fulhamburger New Member

    May 11, 2007

    Yes you can, it's a new season so your Fulham watching privelages should be given a fresht as well.
  14. Fern72

    Fern72 Member

    Oct 3, 2007
    Downey, California
    I knew we were going to win, if only we had a fit team the whole season. I was at the Galaxy game on Saturday, it was Brit night and the usual Chelsea, MnaU, Liverpool fans were there, they gave me a hard time, but looks like i got the last laugh.

    A lady, a West Brom fan even cussed me ought, she laughed and said we were going to be dropped out, man i took a beating, but Im Fulham til i die, i know i'am, i'm sure i' am i'm Fulham till i die.
  15. FFCinPCB

    FFCinPCB New Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    Well said, Fernando.
  16. terrinh73

    terrinh73 Member

    Feb 10, 2007
    I told my Grandma I took her rosary beads (that I purchased at the Vatican, by the way) to the pub when I watched the Fulham matches and she was not pleased...she would laugh then quickly change the subject. She kept asking me when I was going back to mass.

    I told the Brewy guys I would have to go back to church if we stayed up...dearie me- is the priest ever going to get an earful when I have to go for confession!

    I also said I was so excited that I was about to birth kittens...let's see what happens first :wow:


    Anyone else still psyched???
  17. HatterDon

    HatterDon Moderator

    Mar 18, 2006
    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    well, my resting heart rate is back into the double digits again, and it's only been 36 or so hours!
  18. AtlantaJohn

    AtlantaJohn New Member

    Jan 6, 2005

    Having been a supporter of Fulham for 55 years, I can honestly say that last Sunday was one of those precious Fulham moments you will never forget.

    My wife who comes from Chicago cannot believe after 34 years of marriage how a football game taking place 4500 miles away can so effect her weekends, but any real Football fan knows why.

    This one with out doubt one of those weekends that you dream about, the only thing that did not happen for me was winning the mega millions, on Saturday my son graduated from college with honours, then Sunday morning mothers day in the US my two sons and daughter come over, Setanta was quite rightly showing the Man U game, my youngest son is a I am very sorry to say a die Hard Man U fan.

    We watched the game and he kept getting text messages from his mate in England from the other scores, he was as nervous as I was for different reasons. I knew things were going downhill for Fulham as the scores from Readings game came in, and when they scored number 2 I knew the Brum game meant nothing for us. At that point I went on the comp, Man U were strolling, I was very calm when I started to get the scores, then I saw a link to the Fulham game on the UK site and tried it out, I got a series of still shots, that was doing me no good.

    My son got pretty nervous when Chelsea scored, but the computer was calling my name, I went back on the UK site and there was another link to the game, this one I tried much better, got on there in the 74th minute, bloody marvelous is all I can say. All of a sudden I became very nervous, the next 20 minutes seemed like 20 hours, my wife was telling me to calm down, but all of you know theres no way you can, every kick towards the Fulham goal was like torture. The final whistle came and with it so much relief, I along with I imagine a lot of other Fulham fans had resigned myself to playing Coventry next season, and I suggest so did Roy H, he was so calm on the bench, I have another theory about that, he is just one year older than me, and I believe it was disbelief at what was happening.

    Thank you so much Fulham, and my wife loves you to now especially McBride, our summer as been saved, I can now look forward to transfer gossip including my Beloved team. Sorry this is so long but if you cannot write about your team at a moment like this when can you.
  19. americanmike

    americanmike Administrator

    Dec 30, 2004
    RE: Sunday

    That's fantastic John, thanks for sharing.
  20. MariaK

    MariaK New Member

    May 12, 2008
    How amazig is it that for once we are getting praises from all over because the team we support did incredible?

    I dont really know how it is in the states, but most people (including every sports writer in the country) hate Fulham and the smaller teams...I've often sent them e-mails to try and stop them bashing Fulham after every single thing that goes wrong (they didnt even have anything positive to say about the Birmingham match, the article about the game in our biggest newspaper was about 5 lines: "Fulham beat Birmingham 2-0 in a quiet game at Craven Cottage. Both teams are fighting for survival, and its highly unlikely that Fulham will save them selvs if they play like that at Portsmouth"...seriously) at the club...well I just got an e-mail from a reporter who apologized (spelling?) for his behaviour :D I wont forgive him obviously, but its nice to see him eat his words and try to explain why he's been that...mean :lol:
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