Fulham loaners at glance

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by Bradical, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Bradical

    Bradical Member

    Apr 22, 2008
    Denver, CO
    Was curious how some of the lads on loan were doing so far (Appearances, Goals):

    Eddie Johnson - Cardiff City (14,0)

    Collins John - NEC (3,0)

    Elliot Omozusi - Norwich City (17,0)

    Hameur Bouazza - Charlton Athletic (22,3 goals)

    Robert Milsom - Southend United (4,0)

    Moritz Volz - Ipswich Town (16,0)

    Lee Cook (he exists, QPR) (20,0)

    Thomas Moncur - Bradford City (14,0)

    Gabriel Zakuani - Peterborough United (14,1)

    David Stockdale - Rotherham United 0 wins,2 losses, 1 draw

    I say we recall Eddie Johnson in January. I believe all of the others are full-year loans, correct? Would like Bouazza back as well, but not possible.
  2. BarryP

    BarryP New Member

    Jul 20, 2007
    Evansville, Indiana
    EJ is not finding the net for Cardiff and is only coming off the bench as a sub. I would rather he stay and try and work out his situatuion there.

    Lee Cook should probably be placed on the sold but not delived list.
  3. stlouisbrad

    stlouisbrad Active Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    I'm all for leaving EJ at Cardiff. I can't believe what a disappointment he has been. I know most of his appearances at Cardiff have been off the bench, but he still needs to put one in the back of the net.
  4. HatterDon

    HatterDon Moderator

    Mar 18, 2006
    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    I agree with Bradical. If he's going to sit on the bench, let him do so for us while getting the benefit of Roy's coaching. With Joe Kamara not coming back until late February, and with yellow cards piling up, we need the extra cover. Eddie has both strength and pace off the bench. You all know that once he finds the back of the net, the goals tend to come in bunches.
  5. USAFulhamFan

    USAFulhamFan New Member

    Jan 17, 2007
    Collins John actually scored yesterday. I was half watching Sky Sports News on FSC and heard the word 'Fulham'. I looked up in time to John scoring in the UEFA Cup. Enormous goal too. It helped put NEC through to the final 32.
  6. Bradical

    Bradical Member

    Apr 22, 2008
    Denver, CO
    Wow, Colins John did actually score yesterday:


    I pulled those stats earlier and I assumed that I was safe, especially in his case. Good for him though - rumor is NEC wants to buy him after the loan period.
  7. FulhamAg

    FulhamAg New Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    Saw that Johnson scored for Cardiff in today's match, but alas, it was Roger Johnson.
  8. richardhkirkando

    richardhkirkando New Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    Madison, WI
    I think John will be able to leave on a free after this season. We could try to sell him in January and make some money, though. Or maybe even recall him, if thats possible?
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