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    (taken from FoF - with thanks to LB)

    First of all we would like to thank you all for the calls, e-mails and letters we’ve received from you with regard to Fulham FC’s decision to ‘de-select’ us as a supplier of books and heritage material. We also would like to thank you for all the correspondence that you’ve sent to Fulham as a protest; we are flattered and it is sincerely appreciated. From what we understand, no-one to date has been given a satisfactory reply as to why Ashwater books cannot be stocked alongside those of another ‘licensee’.

    Anyway, many of you have asked us whether we could produce something for this Christmas. Well, Fulham’s decision came far too late to finalise any significant book offering, but instead we have provided something hopefully just as good – an ideal stocking filler for Mum, Dad, granddad, uncle, son, brother, friend and any other relative – and a great present for yourself!



    With Fulham pictures by Ken Coton and from the Ashwater archive.

    It is naturally a proper functional diary, but not your ‘usual’ diary of course ……………..

    It is a 128-page diary, approximately 9 inches by 6½ (235mm x 165mm).
    It will be a quality hardback production.
    It has over 70 colour and black and white Fulham FC pictures.
    Across five decades of Ken Coton’s archive.
    Many of the pictures previously unseen or not seen for 30–40 years.
    It contains detailed captions and Fulham trivia.
    It contains a weekly ‘anecdote’ relating to Fulham’s colourful history over the last fifty years.
    A foreword from Steve Pound – MP.

    We sincerely hope that you will support us in this project as it could be the basis for next year’s books.

    The price will be £9.95, but that’s not much more than a decent ordinary diary, and remember it’s not just a diary – it’s a Fulham book as well! You will be able to collect from outside the ground before the start of the four December Fulham home matches (assuming we haven’t sold out by then).

    We can also post you copies. Postage will be £2.25 per copy. And you can pre-order now by sending your details with a cheque for £12.20 payable to ASHWATER PRESS to Ashwater Press, 68 Tranmere Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 7JB. Thanks! Maybe you could buy two, one for keeps and one for daily use! We’ll post two copies for £22. The books are now at the printers and we expect the diaries to be available in about four weeks.

    Please Note: We are printing a limited number, so please contact us early to ensure you get your Christmas presents sorted.

    We would really appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail onto all the other Fulham supporters you know and you think might be interested.

    Any queries or mailed orders, either reply to this e-mail or e-mail ashwaterpress@btinternet.com. Also you can phone the Ashwater order line and leave an order over the phone (01344 – 624231)

    Best wishes – and thanks for your support

    Ken Coton and Martin Plumb.

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    Re: hello everybody

    Welcome plaulgeuser! Where in Switzerland do you reside?
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    Me thinks this is a professional spammer, Joe. I was going to delete the post yesterday. But never got access to my computer.

    Also, a warning to users of this site...if anybody new posts a link to an web site in their post or signature and they don't seem to be a Fulham fan...DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!! Who knows what they've linked to. :roll:
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