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    Mar 4, 2014
    Assuming Fulham can put together a 14-man squad, they will play Burnley on Sunday. It is an early start: 7am EST. The game will be on NBCSN.

    Burnley has been on a terrific run over the past eight matches. Over that span they have gone from being second from the bottom with just 2 points to five points outside relegation with 16 points in 16th place. Burnley' schedule probably made them look worse than what they really were. Four of their early losses came against Leicester, Southampton, Tottenham, and Chelsea.

    If Fulham can put together a healthy team they should be evenly matched - but that is an open question at this point. Parker hasn't said who has tested positive, but he has indicated they might have trouble getting to the minimum 14-man squad. Since it seems like a draw might be a fair result going into this one (if Fulham are healthy), I'm sure this will be the one week that doesn't happen.

    On a side-note, Peacock is no longer showing replays for matches aired on NBC or NBCSN. This is a huge disappointment for people like me who signed up for Peacock with the expectation that I'd be able to see all the Fulham matches (or whatever team someone is following). The only way to see all the matches is to sign up for two services - cable TV with NBCSN and Peacock. Switching mid-season like this is a major (pea)cock-up.
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    Mar 4, 2014
    Sunday's match against Burnley has been postponed. :( At least now you get to sleep in.


    The article has this disappointing bit:
    This is what is driving this recent rise in COVID-19 everywhere. People some how feeling that getting together with friends couldn't possibly be a risk. It has been exhausting dealing with coronavirus, but please show some discipline people!
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    I'm furious about this. To change the setup mid season is messed up. It will influence me keeping peacock. I hold grudges.
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    You and me both!
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    For over 50 years, my rule on English "Newspapers" is ignore anything printed in The Sun. Since that's the source of the rumors about Mitro, ... .

    This is a horrible time for this to happen to us. We've been four matches unbeaten, two of which were against teams with solid chances for top 6. Our defense is solid and, if we had even mediocre refs, we'd have gotten 8 points instead of 4 from the two matches. I have a real concern if this situation continues through the FA Cup 3rd round tie against QPR. With a relatively small squad, our position now, and a crush of matches ... .

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