Fourth Estate, or Fifth Column?

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    Duke Lacrosse all over again.
    I never took 'Rolling Stone' as serious journalism. The entire format and target market puts it more into the People mag or Entertainment Weekly genre.

    The UVa story is yet another 'fake but accurate' travesty and it's not the first phony reporting from the same reporter.
    Before Rolling Stone Was Conned By "Jackie" They Fell for "Billy"
    ANd it was written by the same Sabrina Erdely.
    Who seems to have a knack for shopping for just the right story

    This coming shortly after Lena Dunham was criticized for sexually abusing her sister. And now is close to being sued by a former college mate known as Barry One becuase of her description of being raped by him. Except the facts dont hold up.
    Coming from Oberlin, this is no surprise. Rape is the new Race, dontcha know

    Rape and sex abuse is a serious matter. I know people personally who have suffered from it, including a woman whose father killed himself as his third daughter entered her teen years. There were whispers, no real known facts but all the signs were there.
    Fifty years later, she is still in denial about her father's abuse of her and her sister but she was and is a sex addict. I knew girls who were date raped and never completely got over it.
    So why is this phony reporting happening? Simple... just read Alinsky. Outrage and fear is a great motivator. Sadly one becomes immune to it after the siege.
    Rape happens, False rape charges happen

    Rules in real life are simple:
    - Dont get into position to be a victim.
    - Dont trust casual acquaintances to look out for you
    - if you are assaulted, act immediately. And press charges. Yes, even if you're falsely accused of rape.

    Something like: " A lie travels around the world before the truth gets the door open."
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