Ford Comes Back

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    When I was living in Germany in the mid-1980s, GIs who drove the Ford Taurus models made in Germany and England were absolutely thrilled to discover that -- finally -- this great car [the sales leader all over Europe] was going to be built and marketed in the United States. Starting in 1986, it became not only Ford's flagship auto, but the lead-the-force vehicle for the entire American auto industry. It outsold and out performed popular Japanese and German models in every way. And then ...

    Yep, by the mid-1990s, the sales of Honda's Accord made Ford's auto line look puny. Ford concentrated on trucks and SUVs, and ... .

    Now, the NEW Ford is going to make the Taurus the symbol of their comeback. What a concept: actually taking a proven winner and trying to keep it there. What a revolutionary idea for American busines!

    Welcome back, Taurus!
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