Football and the missus

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by andyns, Mar 20, 2008.

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    fantastic stuff here, great thread. I got married in June and my wife loves to play soccer amonst some other sports. she has a hard time watching sports however. sports are my passion. i can't remember the last time i worked on the thursday and friday of opening games in the NCAA tournament....that is until this year. the amount of time i spent watching sporting events has decreased in my life more than 50% since i got married. it's been very difficult transition for me and often times i get upset when i don't have the opportunity to watch a certain game. i love my wife very much and i've realized the more selfish i am when it comes to doing the things that i want, my wife ends up being the same way. i don't want to give any advice on what to do, just wanted to mention my own situation and say that even though i don't watch sports as much as i used to, i'm actually happier being married to the girl of my dreams.
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