Fast Food Craziness; Value menu: A new contender

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    Check this out. If you're ever supremely bored, or want to impress your friends with how you can make a 'sows ear into a meal', here it is:
    Fancy Fast Food
    I suppose this would be a good way to prank some food-snooty friends but what the hell.. Nouvelle Cuisine Sliders?!!!!
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    When I'm working away from home, I live on the 'dollar' menu. *
    Up to now, that's been McD's Double Cheeseburger - now the McDouble as they took away a slice of the cheese- or the McChicken on the 2nd pass through of the day. Neither of the other contenders could match the size and taste of the filler and I been trying for years, McD's always won.

    Well, at the same time the McDouble was created, Wendy's finally got it right with the 'Double Stack'.
    Now, unlike previous tries, they put enough meat in it to actually taste like the classic Wendy's Single.. especially if you 'add Lettuce and tomato'.
    For me that's fine.. I can do with less than the 'Quarter Lb' size.. it's the taste and satisfaction that counts, too. Bad part is, when I drive through Wendy's I cant resist the 'Frosty'. So my lunch/snack bill comes to over two bucks. Good part is I dont have to eat again in three hours as with getting the single item.

    By the way.. you get real lettuce leaf, and a tomato that doesnt look like it was re-sold from a gee-whiz kitchen knife demonstration. Problem being, some stores charge 30 cents for the add-ons, some dont.
    Total price for the yummy comfort: either $2.28 or $2.58, depending.
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    * Before you snark on it... I did that while on my lower carb diet. Lost weight AND lowered cholesterol.. alla while eating McD value, 2 to three times mid-day.
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