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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Jan 4, 2005
    We've had a few discussions on here about Social Networking, the latest being Mike's thread on doing one for Fulham

    Well.. I made the mistake of responding to some message that my facebook profile was going to 'expire' or that it was incomplete.. dunno which. So I 'refreshed' it.

    Big mistake. People coming out of the woodwork trying to 'friend me'.

    And now for some reason, I'm getting a ton of 'Classmate' bs, as well. All I did was go there and LOOK.
    So.. I get a message from a 'girl I knew' back when in HS asking where I've been. Answer: same place I was last time she asked.. about 15 years ago.
    Am I going to the 50th?
    Answer: Dont know. Some of my most annoying memories are of HS. Everything I accomplished came AFTER. Everything that shaped my Personna came BEFORE.
    You know those movies about 'reunions' and old school buds? Those attitudes arent fiction. I've gone to a few reunions and had a good time. I had a better time at my wife's though.. and she's six years after me.
    Don't get me wrong.. I wasnt one of the 'shunned', I got along with most everyone and no one was cruel or even mean to me. But I wasn't one of the 'insiders' either.
    If I aint thrilled about getting together, wholesale, with my old school chums from fifty freakin years ago, why the hell do I want friends of friends, most of whom I never even heard of and never will meet?

    Some guy even wants to be friends from Lauren Doble's page.. WTH!!!
    Lauren was, and prolly is still, a sweetie.. but she's like what, 20yo now?

    What I like about this site and my interpersonal relationships via what I do and where I go, whether on the net or off, are they are basically obtained one on one.

    I'm gonna repeat what I said before about those sites... the only ones that make sense to me are 'vocational'. Meaning 'LinkedIn'. Since I aint doing 'vocational networking', then why bother!

    So, when these people ask to 'friend' me.. what do I do? I'm leaning to doing nothing.
    If more people do this, maybe I can delete my facebook and classmates profile.
    Nothing personal but sheesh.
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