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    With the great run of form we've been in and being in 8th place with only 3 points and goal difference out of 7th, I decided to optimistically look at our chances for getting into Europa next season. Unfortunately, they're about the same as our chances last year.

    By virtue of winning the League Cup, Liverpool have already earned one of England's three Europa League places for 2012-13. The 5th place finisher and FA Cup winner get the other places. If the 5th place finisher or a Champions League team wins the FA Cup, then the 6th place team gets to Europe and we're 8 points behind Newcastle. The good news is that the top 3 associations for Fairplay get an extra place. After a quick search, I couldn't find the UEFA Fair Play nor the Premier League Fair play tables- so I'm not sure how high up England or Fulham are in those regards. Needless to say, a European adventure will be just as long and complicated as this year's. I could go either way on whether I want us to be in or not. On one hand, it'd be another potential cup for us to win on the other, I'd appreciate the boys getting some more rest in the offseason (especially Dempsey, when's the last time that guy has had more than a week or two off?) and some more energy to focus on potentially making a run in the League or FA Cups. I think we need to make a more serious run at the League Cup next year. Yes, drawing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge isn't an easy win any day- but I think we need to put our best 11 out there next year, because it's the Cup competition that we have the best shot at winning. The Big Four (honestly, at this point, City has displaced Liverpool in that designation) rarely put their best resources towards it (yes, Man U has won it two of the last four years- but I think that's just a testament to their depth in those seasons) and hence you'll see teams like Cardiff City in the final and BC winning it last season.

    Anyhow, Europe or no, it'd be great to r at least make a run to the quarterfinals or something respectable next season.

    ~ Steve
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    I would love a Europa spot for Fulham. But it does take toll on the team's form during the season, especially those mid week games. I guess if we can make a Europa spot without having to play in the summer, I'd be all for it. But I'd be a bit hesitant if we have to play during the summer again. I'd rather make a domestic cup run and finish high in the table next year.
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