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    I was on the Galaxy board yesterday afternoon, mainly interested that they were playing Boca Jr in a friendly.

    Lots of Gals fans gave up their tickets as they thought the match was not only meaningless but useless and all con, no pro. People can get injured, even in a friendly. The BruCe was especially not amused with the scheduling
    I agreed, pointing out that it's only a sightseeing tour when it's end of season.
    Further evidence was NYRB 'whipping' Juventus 3-1. Probably Juve had to borrow some boots.

    Turns out Boca came to play... and their mgr was really pissed off that they held possession to a ridiculous extent, had far more chances, Backup gk Saunders pulling incredible saves and Boca looked much better On the field... they won the game on 'Style Points'.

    Yet LA had one good chance and put it in the net: 1-0.

    Even the jaded Gals fans were impressed with their team AFTER the match. But still didnt put much into it.
    As one said:
    Sounders fans were not happy with the results, as they expect Boca to rip 'em a new one, out of frustration, on Wednesday.


    - Teams coming north put on a good show, no matter when it is.
    - If you're doing a friendly with a European team.. make it Beginning of their season.

    But either way, it's only a chance to see teams and players you dont get to see normally. With Palermo and Riquelme not there.. big freakin deal!

    That's why FFC coming to Crew Stadium all those years ago was good stuff. HAd nothing to do with their lame performance on the pitch, against both the crew and all-stars. We got to see the NEXT Season's TEAM!

    And that's why it's a winner for the MLS to play ManUre this year. Even if Rooney isnt there.
    Added, ref Don below:

    It's sort of amusing to cruise the Gals boards if you're a Crew fan. If there's a reference to them winning the Cup this year, more often than not it's winning it over the Crew.

    I say amusing, because there's an affinity between the two fan clubs... Gals fans were the primary instigators of that at the MLS Cup 08. Having Sigi was a definite influence... and they naturally hate NY
    But when I was at the Crew/ Gals game at HD in 07, it was the same.. had a great time with the little fun jibes but nowhere near combative.
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    I'm personally glad to see that quote about the upcoming Columbus match. It has irked me that the media seem to believe that an exhibition against a depleted European or South American team is worthy of more attention than a league or Hunt Trophy match. Good to see that the fans know what's more important.
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