England vs France at Wembley

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    What was a garden variety friendly is now elevated to eyes of the world status as a result of the Paris attacks. After the FA decided not to postpone the match, England supporters inundated social media with calls for their mates to sing "La Marseillaise" Tuesday in a show of solidarity and support for their neighbors. They asked for the lyrics to be handed out or made available to those who wanted them. At least one newspaper obliged by printing and posting them on all platforms.
    I suspect there are still efforts underway to scuttle the match from agencies outside the football associations, but I believe they will fail and the match will be played. Both countries will want to send a strong message of defiance to the terrorists. It will draw ten times the attention and press converage that it otherwise would have.
    There is also the potential for an interesting scenario. During our tour there in April, 2014, our tour guide, whom I've kept in touch with, told us that Queen Elizabeth II has never occupied the Royal Box at the stadium.
    Elizabeth speaks French, fluently enough that she does not need an interpreter. An event that already promises a significant amount of emotion would peg the meter if she happens to show up.
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    Well....... good thoughts. As long as none of the blokes down the pub are picked to sing it solo a-capella.

    Some idjit on morning tv tried to sing the first line off a prompter and blew it all to hell on the first two words!
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    The classic "Don't try this at home."
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