Early Goal-Setting for 2008-09

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    I know the season hasn't started yet, and we're not completely sure who'll even be on the team by the end of the month, but it's not too early to start looking at who's on the schedule and figuring out a set of goals and where those might take the team. Rather than look at matches chronologically, I'm going to look at groups of teams based on where they finished last year and set goals for what I'd like to see Fulham get from those groups of matches.

    Group 1: Man U. (87 points last season), Chelscum (85), Arsenal (83), Liverpool (76)

    You can't ever really "expect" anything from the Big Four, but funny things happen at the Cottage; bear in mind that Fulham won two of these four home matches in 2005-06 again in 2006-07. I'm going to be more modest and say one win and two draws at home, four losses on the road. 5 points from these four teams.

    Group 2: Everton (65), Villa (60), Blackburn (58), Portsmouth (57), Spurs (46)

    Initially, note that I included Spurs with this group and City and Spam with the one below, despite Spurs finishing below the latter two in the table, because I think Spurs' superior goal differential (+5 vs. -8 for the other two) is a better predictor of their future performance.

    Here and below, you've got to hope for (if not expect) a win at home and a draw on the road. I'm going to say two wins and two draws at home, two draws on the road. 10 points from these five teams.

    Group 3: Man City (55), West Ham (49), Newcastle (43), Boro (42), Wigan (40), Sunderland (39), Bolton (37)

    This is where you've got to start thinking any game, home or road, is winnable. Four wins and two draws at home, a win and three draws on the road. 20 points from these seven teams.

    Group 4: West Brom (81), Stoke (79), Hull (75)

    Those point totals, obviously, are from the CCC. Inability to beat Derby was one of the big Achilles heels of last season; Fulham can't repeat that if they want to be above the relegation scrum. I'm going to guess that they lose to Hull to start the season, but these have to be wins at home, and 4 points on the road at WBA and Stoke. 13 points total from these three.

    That's a final record of 12 wins, 12 draws, 16 losses. 48 points is the same as Fulham's total in 2005-06, good for 12th place then (or would've been 11th place last season). It's ambitious, but I think it's an achievable goal, not outside the realm of possibility. Bear in mind of course that this is a goal, not a prediction. Anyone else have a set of goals in mind for the season? If so, post them here.

    (Can you tell I'm ready for the season to start?)
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    You aren't alone, my friend -- in the words of the late, great Marvin Gaye, Let's Get It On.

    I think a road win v. Hull to start the season is very achievable. They have tried, but this is a team that should be going down next spring, and we need to give them a suitable welcome to the Premiership.
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    To beat Hull we need an early goal to quiet the fans and to establish control of the midfield from there on our. There'll be a tremendous feeling of excitement that we need to crap on. Remember that Wigan came close to shutting out Chelsea in their first ever EPL match -- all because Chelsea sat back and let the match come to them.

    Man, I am sooooooooooooooo ready. COME ON YOU WHITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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