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    The odds are heavy on Luton Town [the Hatters] meeting Fulham in league competition next season for the first time this century. Fulham are ... well ... where they are and Luton Town are resting comfortably atop League 1.

    They last met in March 1999 when Fulham took all the points at Kenilworth Road. Luton were historically a successful 2nd tier club with some notable achievements in the top flight -- like Fulham, actually. There was a time when they looked like they might get back in the premier league this century 10 or 12 years ago. Chicago Tom and I had a friendly wager about who'd finish higher in the 2nd tier Luton Town or Crystal Palace. He won the bet and Luton began circling the drain -- thanks to a profligate owner.

    The FA decided to punish the club for controvening league financial regulations, which they did -- TWICE AND FOR THE SAME INCIDENT OVER TWO SEASONS. There was a total of 45 points deducted as Luton fell from league 2 to the the Conference. They made the playoffs 3 times, but didn't actually escape until a while back.

    I was thrilled when we got promoted and Luton made it to League 1. I'm quite happy with their progress this season. I just wish it wasn't such a contrast to Fulham's. Anyhow, I'll be watching them closely for the rest of this season and would really love for us NOT to meet in league competition next season.

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