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    Well, here's some gently applied, rosemary scented slime on McCain from Maureen Dowd in the NYT. Some sticks, some doesnt.
    Too Much of a Bad Thing
    She objects to McCain staff responding to every hit-or-miss with the POW meme. Just in my opinion, TRUE.
    - We know where he's been. As her quote says, if we cant criticize McCain because of his service we cant criticize Murtha.

    Well, that's a splatter...... put this down to dumbassity. The CORRECT answer is the senator meant exactly what he said. There was no reason for him to know how many residential properties Cindy's trust owned. And no freakin' reason to bring up the Hanoi Hilton.
    WTF! HE said his music tastes stopped developing while he was in the cooler. That has nothing to do with what he was listening to when his plane was shot down. IT has everything to do with what was good bar/club music which Abba's disco meme would have fit right into.* 'Disco' was first coined as a music type in the sixties, but it was rarely used until the beat/sound was gelled into what we know it today.
    McCain knows Abba is 70's disco, but he most likely relates disco to discotheque, which is PURE 60's.

    Both Dowd's and this Stein guy's wet ears are showing.

    But note at the end where she implies that all this proves McCain might have been made 'trigger-happy':
    Yep... but they better be more astute than shown here.
    What. A. Crock.

    The lessons of Viet Nam were NOT what Mo Dowd thinks {or wants you to believe} they are!

    * I recall the first time I ever set foot in a disco club. I'd been married and out of the bar scene for years and I had heard it on the radio but not paid much attention.

    I thought.. "Wow... I thought this stuff and places like this were dead."
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