Don't British managers pay attention?

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    So, about a month ago, England lost the European football championship because England's manager decided to give the responsibility for converting the penalties needed to win the final to two players who handn't kicked a ball prior.
    Now, I thought that the ton of criticism that England's boss received would guarantee that another decade would go by before anyone else make that ignorant mistake again. But NOOOOOOOO, today, West Ham dropped two points by choosing a player who had just subbed in to convert a penalty. And, well, that decision cost West Ham two points and first place.
    Honest to god, I thought I'd never see that happen again in the UK for the rest of my days. Sigh.
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    I was thinking the exact same thing HD when watching it live. Texting w/a buddy who is a huge ManUre fan during the match and I had been giving Moyes props for resurrecting his gaffer career…until that!! My exact text was ‘WTF is Moyes doing w/Noble? didn’t he watch the Euros?’ His response after the miss ‘:D:D

    The Captain aka Danny Murphy was $$ from the spot, but not going to dust him off in stoppage time, inexcusable from Moyes.
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