Dirty Whites(akaAtlanta):Fulham v. Birm(11/21)/B'burn(11/25)

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  1. PaydayC4

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    Nov 5, 2006
    Atlanta, GA
    Long time no organization at the Brewy (as their schedule is notoriously not so great).

    I don't think I can go to the Birmingham match (11/21 - Saturday, 10 AM EST) because I don't know when I'm leaving ATL to go out-of-town (Terri, I need some txt updates if I'm gone) but we should be getting some folks to watch these next two games.

    I will be there for the Blackburn makeup game (11/25 - Wednesday, 3PM EST) as that is the first day of Fall Break for me plus no ManU, Chelski or Liverpool fans to be seen that day as we're the only show in town.

    Come on down to the Brewhouse Cafe (brewhousecafe.com) and join our group.

  2. terrinh73

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    Feb 10, 2007
    Atlanta/ Dirty Whites: Fulham v. Chelski

    I'm there, Chris will be there...and with some of the others we've acquired along the way (Big Zack and Alex). Jacob is a poor working fool and won't be there...so I will make sure someone drinks a PBR in his honor.

    BTW- The Dirty Whites are still going strong at The Brewhouse...but since we all know each other now, most of our communication has been through Facebook and cell phone. If you are in the Atlanta area...know that there will be at least two of us there any given match.

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