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    I'm house-sitting during the week for my in-laws and staying over most nights while they're out of town.

    All I really need are the basics of course, so the fact they have a wireless router to connect my laptop was the primary comfort. Second was a small tv for its anesthetic effects. I brought an old portable tv but their house still under renovations, doesnt have wiring to the dish in every room and I didnt feel like jury-rigging the dish cable to the room I was sleeping in.

    Good time to trade in one of my coupons. I bought the only one offered by Walmart {should'a gone to Sams maybe} Magnavox TB110MW9.
    Then i needed some sort of rabbit ears and all I could readily find was a telescoping rod which I assume was an accesory to FM Receiver amp. IOW, really just a 4 foot wire attached to a tube that extends.

    Pro: House is only 4-5 miles from the major Columbus stations. I get all of them glitch free with the 'wire' just draped over a mirror on the back of a dresser.
    Has a sort of info panel same as a cable box, when you switch stations. Has a 'signal strength' indicator to help align rabbit ear.
    Analog passthrough, when box in standby/off.
    Composite and RF out - can also set passthrough to always on if you use the composite to tv.

    Con: Remote sux.
    Price $50 - high, considering it's available 20 dollars cheaper on amazon.
    RF out volume is about 3db {that's a LOT} lower than volume from direct/passthrough signal

    Note: While it's not readily apparent, you must run autoscan for channels to register. Dont think that you can punch in the nn.n and have the box find it.

    I of course did a search for reviews on the item after I bought it. and I ran across something interesting:

    Spy cam in CECB! Watch where you wank!

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