Dallas Cowboys New Stadium

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    Jerry Jones ' New 7th Wonder of the Western World!!!

    There are six massive cranes working on what will be a new Texas Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. To say it is Texas-sized is almost an understatement. And you could not have a more stark contrast to the stately Ballpark. This is a steel and glass monument like no other field in the world. It can seat up to 100,000 (though games will typically be 80,000). It will be the largest such venue in the world, and in theory will be open in 2009.

    After you go into the site, CLICK ON EACH PICTURE ON THE LEFT and get a preview of different areas and amenities. The vide o screen hanging 110 feet above the field will be 60 yards (180 feet!) long and weigh 600 tons. The end zone seats get screens that are merely 48 feet wide. Monster screens will hang outside the field for those who just want to come and tailgate.

    The two steel arches supporting the stadium are over one-quarter of a mile long and will be the largest single-span arches in the world, bigger than the St. Louis arches. The Statue of Liberty could fit under the retractable dome. Each end zone will have a glass door 120 feet high and 180 long, which can be opened in just 18 minutes. And the cost? $1 billion give or take. Ten times the cost of the Ballpark. The taxpayers are contributing $350 million, plus a ton of new roads. The mind boggles at the expense, both public and private.
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    I hope the Cowboys get relegated!
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    Fog, I agree...But I have also heard rumors that Jones and designers designed the stadium with the goal of hosting the 2018 World Cup Final in mind.

    Now obviously that wasn't their sole purpose but one of their many influences on the design of the new stadium. This isn't surprising as many of the football stadiums around the country have hosted international soccer matches...Soldier Field, Reliant Stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium, etc. And each of these are actually great soccer venues.

    I enjoy watching games at the Reliant and University of Phoenix Stadiums on television and I was at Gold Cup games at Soldier Field and the atmosphere was fantastic
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    Re: RE: Dallas Cowboys New Stadium

    The only problem is I wouldn't have anyone to loath and detest.

    If Jerry Jones gets his way and the salary cap is abolished in 2112....
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    RE: Re: RE: Dallas Cowboys New Stadium

    I Love Jerry Jones. This will be the best stadium in America. Go Cowboys.
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