Congratulations to Mssrs Dempsey and Hughes

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    Quote from Dunord:

    Aaron Hughes was names a member of the Best XI reserves ... 7237.shtml

    A free translation of the web page rendered the following:

    The Premier half of verdicts

    Ancelotti turns in head

    To the end of the division of andata, we do the point on the Premier League, more Italian, to leave from the peak of the listing, where remains the Chelsea of Ancelotti. Tottenham and Birmingham are the surprises of this first part of the season, that disappointment the Liverpool of Benitez

    MILAN, 30 December 2009 - This Year, Gazette. it decided to do the season half of point on everyone of 4 championships foreign bosses. After Germany and France, touches to the England: here our analysis after the Premier of andata of division League.

    The 3 SQUADS TOP — Chelsea, Tottenham and Birmingham City.

    Chelsea: It closes 2009 from leader, although a crisis in the months of November and December. Ancelotti changed little to level of men, but knew immediately to make to coexist Drogba and Anelka. The Frenchman now should pledge itself in order does not do to regret the Ivoirien (in cup of Africa), man in more of this first round of the championship.

    Tottenham: the enterprise of to hold outside from the Champions an of the Big Four is possible. Harry believes us Redknapp: the Spurs left strong in autumn, at the end of November have given also a 9-1 on the Wigan. The progressions of Lennon on the right hand and 14 goal of Defoe allow to the Tottenham of to occupy the fourth place.

    Birmingham City: The neopromossa, initial, thought about the utmost to the salvation. Now the strip of eleven entries without defeats carried the squad of McLeish and to the better half of championship in 101 years of story. And investments on the market they are expected: serves a point, Kuranyi and Babel in the viewfinder

    The 3 SQUADS FLOP — Liverpool, Everton, Bolton.

    Liverpool: Fernando Torres not enough more. The Reds of Benitez are seventh in championship, to except for 12 from the peak and with 7 defeats on the "back". Divided Xabi Alonso, with Aquilani just entered in the rotation, are lacking ideas and geometries to centerfield.

    Everton: 2-0 of the last shift on the Burnley, in eleven against ten, closed a with an empty stomach one of victories that lasted from September. It will be struggle in order not to relegate: to help the squad of Moyes will arrive the American Donovan, in loan: will suffice?

    Bolton: is of little hours does the news of the exemption of Gary Megson, technician of the Wanderers: inevitable, seen that the squad is at present next-to-last, and won an alone one of the last ten competitions, taking always at least a goal. The fans never loved the technician, contestandolo repeatedly.

    THE TOP 11 — Role for role, we choose the better gamblers, adding 7 hypothetical reserves.

    Hart (Birmingham City); Ivanovic (Chelsea), Vermaelen (Arsenal), Terry (Chelsea), Evra (Manchester Utd); Milner (Aston Villa), Fabregas (Arsenal), Lampard (Chelsea), Dempsey (Fulham); Drogba (Chelsea), Rooney (Manchester Utd).

    Bench: Given (Manchester City), Dunne (Aston Villa), Hughes (Fulham), Lennon (Tottenham), Arshavin (Arsenal), Defoe (Tottenham), Bent (Sunderland).

    The FLOP 11 — Same speech for the gamblers that, up to now, gave back except for.

    Foster (Manchester Utd); Brown (Manchester Utd), Skrtel (Liverpool), Toure (Manchester City), Hreidarsson (Portsmouth);
    Ballack (Chelsea), Leiva (Liverpool), Anderson (Manchester Utd);
    Deco (Chelsea); Voronin (Liverpool), Robinho (Manchester City).

    Bench: Almunia (Arsenal), Agger (Liverpool), Bramble (Wigan), Jenas (Tottenham), Babel (Liverpool), Owen (Manchester Utd), Berbatov (Manchester Utd).

    next generation — THE better 5 native gamblers from 1989 in before:
    1 - N' Gog (Liverpool)
    2 - Stanislas (West Ham)
    3 - Ramsey (Arsenal)
    4 - Of Saint (Blackburn)
    5 - Walcott (Arsenal).

    L’ACQUISTO SUMMER MORE’ HIT —Vermaelen (Arsenal) : The Belgian debuted in the arsenal with a goal, then maintained high levels to the center of the defence.

    L’ACQUISTO SUMMER EXCEPT FOR HIT —Voronin (Liverpool) : Not any goal and an alone one seemed from official for the 30enne ucraino.

    The point — Ancelotti is wished to close in head the division of andata and so was, although a horse brush restrained of its Chelsea, that remains however the more supplied squad to aim the conquest of the Premier League. The Manchester Utd confirms to suffer the departure of Christian Ronaldo: the champions of England in office themselves cling to Rooney and to the pride, staying in skis. So like the arsenal, that instead does custody on its youngsters, even though the Gunners suffer the physical and muscular gap with the Blues of Abramovich. Black crisis for the Liverpool, well Tottenham and Aston Villa, now the floodlights are aimed on the Manchester City of Lefthanded, that has all to close (at least) between the first four. In tail, it toils the West Ham of Zola, but has spacious opportunity of to save itself.
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    "didnt understand a word"
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    Have they been watching football while on acid? I don't know what else to say.
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