Comeback to Cardigans

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    Jan 4, 2005
    When it was ME saying it, here, during the campaign... there was some hooting.

    When it's the MSM guys pointing it out, will the replies be different?

    WaPo: What's Next, Mr. President -- Cardigans?
    Just shows to go ya, when the whole imprimus of your agenda boils down to rationing of just about everything, and taking loans to do that, you pretty much piss everyone off.

    Didnt work for Carter.. only way President Obama makes it work is to do a 180 and open up everything.
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    Here's just one example of how things get screwed up when we let our fedurul guvmint run it:

    Stimulus Line Item:
    2 Lbs frozen ham
    Funding: $1,191,200

    Now before you protest, I would fully expect there's lot's other expenditures under that contract. That aint the point. The point is the amount of clerical and bureaucratic paperwork went into processing that item.
    Now just how much do you think that package of pork cost us?

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