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    This is a link to a story in our local paper about the Alamo Bowl ... 136754.php

    If you don't want to read the whole thing, it's about how our local Bowl game bucked the current trend of poor attentance and TV audiences with bowl games. Here's some excerpts I thought were interesting:


    I'm not surprised at this trend. With half a dozen bowl games each weak from early December to early January, the brand is getting degraded. It's sort of like too many CSIs and -- a few years back -- too many Law & Orders. I must admit that every time I see a team with 5 or 6 losses in a post-season game I shake my head sadly.

    As for the Fiesta Bowl, a small Texas private school with a limited following versus the 4th or 5th best supported team in Florida ... playing in Arizona? CFA's running of the BCS reminds me of how MLB screwed up home field advantage in the World Series.

    Anyhow, I thought this might put a nice #30 on the college pointy season.
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    Don, that is intersting, for sure. And lines up with my thinking about how they've screwed up the bowls by name branding them.

    But it sure would have been interesting to know HOW the Alamo Bowl folks did it. Due to typical short sighted web marketing by local newsie, all I get is:
    F88king idiots! They're just as short sighted as the bowl committees.

    You're right of course on the Fiesta Bowl*. But that is part of the problem. Unless they've got at least one cold weather Big Stadium school in the matchup, no one is gonna go. Call it the Snowbird effect.
    * Kudos to Fiesta folks for not renaming it Tostitos Bowl. Came that close, I think.
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