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  1. SoCalJoe

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    Here we go;

    Appalachian State at #15 Coastal Carolina; @astroevan, what a bummer that the biggest game in school history (Div 1) won’t have fans, that would be a sellout. App St is a great program and they’ve only lost to Marshall this year. You’ll be happy that I’m giving the SCJ kiss of death and picking App St.

    #10 Wisconsin at #19 Northwestern. Tim (our NW grad) can be found on a couple of the FB pages, his boys are well coached, but Whisky appears to be its usual physical self, albeit in only 2 games. Going Badgers.

    #14 Oklahoma State at #18 Oklahoma; Bedlam in Norman. The Land Thieves rounding into shape, OU Lite wins with defense (shockedly), but their offense is mediocre by their standards, Boomer Sooner.

    Game of the Day
    #9 Indiana at #3 Ohio State; Hoosiers will be helped that the Horseshoe isn’t packed, can IU create a few turnovers and/or big splash plays to hang in? @BarryWhite Would absolutely love for
    the Hoosiers to pull off a shocker, but you’ll be happy to know that I’m going Buckeyes to pull away late.

    Upset Alert;
    #7 Cincinnati at UCF; Have been so close the last couple weeks, at least I would won in LV, but no point spreads allowed and going UCF to dash Cincy’s undefeated hopes.
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  2. BarryWhite

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    I'm hoping IU can keep it close until the end Joe. If they do the fight and scrap in the team will give them a chance but I think Ohio State is a class above everyone else in the Big 10 including IU.
  3. astroevan

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    Aug 5, 2013
    South Carolina
    This is definitely the biggest game of the year, though watch Coastal win this one and then lose to their old FCS rival Liberty. App St is always the team to beat in the Sun Belt. They are consistent and often upset bigger programs. I also feel a bit like CCU has been modeling its program after App St’s. So a win today, especially considering Coastal’s record and national ranking, would cement this season as one of the best in Chanticleer history.

    With regards to attendance, I’m guessing the reduced capacity will actually benefit Coastal. If the stadium were full, there’d probably be more yellow in the crowd than teal. I haven’t gotten the feeling that the athletic programs have garnered the amount of attention that the board had hoped. This season could change that though.
  4. AggieMatt

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    Thanks Barry, I’d missed that qb shakeup early at IU last year. By the time I watched them Ramsey was playing. I can see how he lost the job, though. Penix is a difference maker.

    Covid beats my Ags once again. Sadly, I’m not remotely surprised.

    Coastal over App St - you don’t come onto the teal turf and...I don’t know. But I agree with Evan, they probably win a close one here and lose next week.

    Wisconsin over Northwestern - great start by the Cats but I don’t think they’ve got enough firepower or beef on the line to beat the Badgers.

    Oklahoma over Okie St - the Sooners own this series and usually only lose this game when they overlook the Pokes. With 2 losses, I don’t see that happening. The Sooners should be able to outscore them, provided they don’t revert back to being their own worst enemy with turnovers.

    Ohio St over Indiana - I’d love to see the upset but, in a year where everything in the B10 is upside down, the Buckeyes are still the class of the conference.

    Good upset pick by Joe. I’ll try to make it 2 in a row by going with...
    Arizona over Washington - The Cats should have pulled the upset last week, only to be betrayed by their defense late. Meanwhile, the Huskies ground out an ugly win in their opener v the lowly Beavers. Fun fact, I was in the stands 21 years ago and witnessed the greatest game winning td I’ve ever seen in person as Jenkins led Zona past UDub. So in honor of that and based on the above, I’ll take the Cats to beat the 11.5 pt home favorite and give Joe a potential scapegoat.
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  5. BarryWhite

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Well, IU made a game of it at least.
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