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    Jan 4, 2005

    as seen in blogs, abounding...start with timworstall and down to Europhobia: London, tomorrow[/u]

    But follow links there to comments and you'll see the truth.

    The expected rise in drunkeness will be transitory, if at all.

    There are many causes for social ills dealing with substance abuse, but chief among them is treating the populace as errant children.

    In Ohio, you used to be able to buy "low power" beer at 18... most still drank the regular stuff, and it didnt really matter because the reg stuff only had about 1 % higher alcohol content.
    And there were a lot of us got drunk of a night... and we DROVE!

    But there was a difference... we knew that if anything happened, we would be tried in court as if we were sober.
    FIRST the charges of leaving the scene or even vehicular homicide, THEN DWI!
    But the back-logic of the laws passed since then, relating to blood alcohol etc, opened the door to the "Impaired Judgement" defense.

    It seldom works, but still the seed is planted in the mind of the miscreant... being drunk is a good excuse to be anti-social... after all, if you're blitzed, nothing you do is really your fault.

    Of course, that fits well with OTHER 'social engineering' paradigms, extant!

    Yes, we need MORE nanny legislation.

    And never mind the bars' extensions... I will bet they were done for the WRONG reasons.
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