Championship squad for the first half of 21/22

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  1. daddude7

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    Nov 13, 2013
    Is here:

    I wonder if Fossey is included out of charity because he’s 23 and would have been left in limbo, or will he get a chance to play?

    Anyone 21 and under doesn’t need to be formally listed.

    Fabri is the only senior player who will be getting paid for being a practice partner, but he was already that.
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  2. daddude7

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    Nov 13, 2013
    Wonderful to see Cairney and Tete back in training! Not sure if I saw Kongolo there.

    Fossey's looking good, too -- he's at an age where he needs to get first-team minutes somewhere, though. A loan in Belgium or Holland could be a decent direction.

    Steve Sess seems a bit of a forgotten man these days. It's a pity. I thought a few years ago that he had the talent to match his brother's. I'd be surprised if he stayed with us past this winter.

    This is still the best overall gathering of talent--formation by formation--in the whole of Championship, and not getting into an automatic promotion spot will be a failure on Silva's part. But I wouldn't say no to a classy left-footed winger in the winter window.
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    I was also glad to see Cairney back on the training pitch. I’m just wondering where he plays when he’s fit. We’ve been competitive without him, and I fear his days in a Fulham kit are numbered. I think he’s been dealing with knee issues for multiple seasons now, and it seems as if he’s lost some mobility as a result.
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