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    Used to be a thing in Corporate Charter Chatter called 'Core Competencies' in which you described the skill and talent assets of your organization and its key people.

    For far too long, the MSM and political buddies have built these on fairy dust, going by words rather than actions. Building a CV of Core Incompetencies painted to look like ASSETS. Sorta like.. umm.. "Risk Instruments"

    This last Sunday has been an eye opener from the perspective of the Talk Shows. The Administration Sockpuppets have been made to look really stupid for several weeks or months now and the BVD bomber incident is pretty much the last straw.

    You cant blame the spokesmen too much because they been assigned to do a fashion critique on the Emperors New Clothes and we all know how that turned out.
    Well, Governing a mess, like we have now, is Like some ex-pres said, 'Hard Work'.

    The best thing that can happen to the country now is for some to get to a grip on reality.
    Bob Schieffer of CBS' Face the Nation is evidently going to be one of the first to refuse more Kool-Aid..
    He's re-instituted Walter Cronkite's 'Face The Nation Roundtable'
    The entire Roundtable transcript for Sunday Jan 3, is here PDF file!
    and here's what he said, in closing, about how the government is handling reality:
    Now... that part about the Katrina effect is truly interesting. Because it's exactly what bureaucrats do.
    And it's the pols say things like "Dubya Hates Black People" and "Dubya Killed hundreds of Black People".

    Well... now the President knows what it's sorta like.

    When the media gets off its ass and actually LOOKS at the old boy favoritism and corruption and insider Millions bets on shit like global warmening, and the 'Health Care3 Debacle, they are gonna have fun!

    And FoxNews will lose market share and gain more cred at the same time. Funny how that works.
    So, why CBS, and not NBC, you ask? If you have to ask, you aint paying attention; CBS doesnt stand to lose a bag'o'money by going against the Government grain!

    Still Pays Big to Be Friends of John Murtha's Friends
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