Castillo wants to play for US

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    I didnt see a thread about this. Does anyone know much about Castillo? I'm not sure that I want him. Have to wonder if both he and Torres saw the mess that is currently Mexico and then decided they want to play for the US. Torres turned the US down once and Castillo has already played for Mexico (not sure if the US ever called him, but he said at one point that he wouldnt play for us). Like Torres he is very small and has described himself as "not very good at defense".

    Who wants him?
  2. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    My opinion: Cero a Dos.

    Team hopping is bad enough for clubs. Sometime you have to go on principle, and I dont even think we should go for Rossi, if he were thinking twice and eligible.
    -which he isnt
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    Scored for Tigres this last weekend. Has said that he's been focusing on his defense. Born and raised in New Mexico he's a left back, very quick, and is handful when on the offensive on the wing. Considering that Boca is best in central defense and the only other guys we have are Pierce and Bornstein at LB I'd be happy to get him into camp to compete (his paperwork is filed, but it's anyone's guess when it might be approved).
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