Carabao Cup 2020-2021

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    Nov 13, 2013
    Hector was the runner-up in the least awful category on defense after Robinson.

    As long as we don't play Le Marchand and Seri ever again, perhaps something good will have come out of this embarrassment.

    I defended Parker as recently as earlier this week but am beginning to change my mind. This was Championship competition and we made them look in moments like Arsenal. Our players are not great but not THAT bad. Onomah, Knockaert, Hector, others, look like shadows of their former selves. The system is not clicking separately from the playing personnel. Parker may have to go before we can hope for a positive turn. Add to that the fact that firing Parker would make baby Tony look like he's actually doing something, and against Wolves this Sunday our Head Coach is likely to start playing with his job on the line.
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    Mar 4, 2014
    Highlights from Fulham vs. Brentford:

    Ah, I'm just kidding. Those were highlights from happier times. Here are today's highlights:

    I didn't watch the match, just the highlights, but it seemed like from that short bit Fulham were a little unlucky - Kebano's shot went off the woodwork and Raya made a great palm save to keep the clean sheet. Regardless, nothing good seems to be happening on the defensive side.
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    I avoided the score all day. Got home turned off the cardinals game since I thought Fulham had a better chance of winning. Watched 75 minutes and turned back on the cardinals game in time to watch them lose too. Rough day.
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