Britain celebrated the 200th anniversary of anti-slavery...

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    'Historic Role'?!!!!


    In an effort to get some of you to actually think beyond the box, consider the roles of the OTHER European Colonial powers.

    France and Germany: indifferent to it.

    Spain: Heh... if you consider feudalism under the guise of Droit de Seigneur, then Spain's (and the Vatican's} role played well into the 20th century.

    It was the British, in the spirit of Wilberforce, and their descendants, world-wide, that abolished slavery in areas of their domain.
    That the British somehow were responsible for the anti-humanities, boggles the mind. Slavery existed long before the British took to the maritime role in it, and it lasted long after Brits turned away from it. Britain has no need to apologize for anything.

    I know WHY this is the attitude taken, of course... but I wont bother explaining it here. It would irritate too many liberals.
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