Boyle is a 'Symptom' of Western Decline

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    Whatta ya do when a writer uses the wrong examples to make the right points?

    That's what happens here, when Robert Spengler writing in Asia Times, says Boyle is pretty ordinary and we are enthralled by her just because we settle for so little.

    Why the West is Boyle'd

    His core points, I agree with. But what he should be writing about is how it's a shame she missed out on formal voice training ... no amount of formal training for those millions of oriental kids is going to give them the natural ability she has. I cant sing and I cant play a musical instrument but I can hear a waver or sour note or a flat a mile away. My music teacher told me so.. and suggested I give up and take music appreciation or something instead of try to make my fingers do things they didnt want to. Susan doesnt have that problem.
    If Spengler wanted to make his point of the ordinary blown up to stature, he could have used THIS KID, whose video I first saw labeled " Susan Boyle". Now THAT is pretty freakin 'good but ordinary'.

    And here's another total mismatch when it comes to using focus on image:

    Palin's Personal Choice
    What a total misreading! Abortion has always been an 'option' and always will be.
    Let's look at it in another light, when someone accosts and assaults you, murder is always an option as well. Afte all you may have that "I'll kill the sum'bitch!" visceral reaction.. for a fleeting moment, at the least.

    If someone walking in front of you drops an expensive piece of jewelry and walks on un-noticing, keeping it is also always an option. You'll SURELY think about it. That doesnt make it right.

    If you have access to your company's bank account, and you're behind on your bills, skimming out a little 'just till next payday' is also an option. Bet you'll think about it.

    The point being those are all TEMPTATIONS to do what's easy at the time.

    It speaks to our character both individually and as a nation whether we make it 'easy' or we have to muddle through difficult times.
    Too bad Marcus wasnt raised to believe that. Or maybe she was and she is self-justifying... we shouldnt really care. The point is she took an admission of temptation by the confessor and used it in a political manner.

    The 'Easy Way' of making her point.

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