Boca Quotes Before USA-Mexico Match

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    From the Washington Post's Steve Goff's Soccer Insider, Boca said:

    "Obviously, they are our biggest rival and it's an important game but we're not looking too much into the whole series thing. They have a young team and we have a new team, as well."

    "We're definitely confident. We're not going to overlook them and we're not going to think, just because we've done well in the series of late, it's going to transfer into an automatic victory."

    Life at Fulham with the other Americans: "There has been a lot of change lately. It's nice Eddie [Johnson] has gotten an opportunity to come over and play. We have our little American group. We've got American Airlines as our sponsor. But there are a lot of Americans in Europe now so there isn't that much focus on it" in London.

    On young players facing Mexico: "It's an eye opener. I knew it was a big game from watching the World Cup game in 2002, but until you are there in a packed stadium, you don't understand it." ... l#comments
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